Energy savings frustrations

First of all, in regards to my previous post, we did finally get a new vehicle!  Yes, it is another minivan, but Mom’s and B&B owners need them!  It is a Town & Country and we love it and found it with the help of our good friend Chris, who works at St Cloud Hyundai. 

About a month or so ago we installed a new furnace and “on demand” hot water heater.  We know it was a good investment when the furnace installers said (after they saw our ancient furnace and leaking water heaters), “You are going to be very glad you did this!” 

However, the on demand hot water heater has proven to be a challenge to get it to the right temperature settings!  We think we have it figured out now, but if you have one of these systems and have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

We had a couple renew their vows on our porch this morning!  How romantic!!  Of course, we think our inn is perfect for events such as that.  We have a wedding scheduled for Saturday as well, so look for photos here and on FB!

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Awesome car!

OK, this is not totally B&B related, but on my journey to the Twin Cities yesterday, my minivan decided it has served me long enough.  Thankfully, it was kind enough to do so at the Albertville (outlet mall!) exit!  (actually, I did not shop, but rather headed to Caribou Coffee where I could get some work done!)

Our Plymouth Grand Voyager minivan was purchased 11 1/2 years ago, shortly before the birth of our first son.  It was already 2 years old then.  It now has over 220,000 miles on it.  The transmission had been replaced once, but it was the transmission that went again, among other things. 

Our van has been so reliable, we are looking for another of the same type.  Our good friend Chris is helping us with that process and we trust he will find us another awesome ride.  Ok, maybe not a sporty ride, but with kids in sports and long distance traveling, and the occasional trip to the antique stores, a mini van is the perfect choice for us!

There are still 2 rooms available this weekend, so come and enjoy our spring weather!

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Community Showcase!

On Saturday, March 27th, the Cold Spring, MN Chamber of Commerce will be having their annual Community Showcase!  This fun family event will take place at ROCORI High School from 9a-2p and admission is free!  You will be able to visit with local businesses and artists.  There will be learning workshops and games for the kids.  Be sure to also attend the historical society’s breakfast from 8a-10a in the High School cafeteria.  And of course, please bring a food shelf item donation.

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B&B’s for business travel…

This week we have had rooms filled with business travelers! 

Many business travelers choose us not necessarily because of our location, but because it is more of a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere, unlike the cookie-cutter hotel rooms with not much personality.  We are also there to show them we care about their well-being, and are able to offer good advice as to area restaurants and services they may need.

We offer free wireless internet throughout the house and a wireless printer has now been added.  We have a 24 hour hospitality room where guests have access to a water cooler that also dispenses hot water, a microwave, a mini refrigerator stocked with sodas, individual bags of ice in the freezer, cookies, a coffee maker, brochures on area businesses, as well as magazines for leisure reading.  Our rooms also have flat-screen TV’s with built in DVD players.

Of course, in most situations, our business travelers get a delicious hot breakfast served to them, and not from a buffet.  For those who have very very early morning meetings, we provide a filling continental breakfast and thanks to a suggestion from a recent guest, will offer “to-go” coffee cups!

We appreciate our business travelers and want to take good care of them.  Their suggestions help us to improve our services to them!

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Dinner Theatre in Cold Spring!

For two weekends only, Pillar Inn guests can not only go to our local restaurant, The Great Blue Heron, for dinner, but now you can also enjoy a performance of “Nunsense” at the same time!!  This is sure to be an entertaining evening!

Performances are available for Feb 26th and 27th, as well as March 5th, 6th, and 7th.  Visit to order tickets online or call 320-241-4682.

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One room left…..

Yes, it is romance weekend!  Valentine’s Day.  To me, it is over-rated!  But to others, it is a very special weekend.  All rooms at The Pillar Inn are full on Saturday night, but there is one room left Friday, and 2 on Sunday!  Call or reserve right away if you think you might be in trouble for not doing anything special on this weekend of romance!!!!!

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Why wait for Valentine’s Day?

There’s no need to wait one more weekend for Valentine’s Day!  Visit The Pillar Inn this weekend and avoid the crowds out and about next weekend!  We will give 10 percent off  any room night Feb 4-7th. 

Why not try one of our fun, customized especially for Pillar Inn guests, “Out of the Box Dates”?!  Visit our website,, for more info or visit for great ideas on how to have a fun and interesting evening any time!!!

While you are here, visit the Paramount Theatre in St Cloud and see Romeo and Juliet on Saturday, February 6th.  Now that’s romantic!

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Soup & Chili party this weekend!

Do you like soup and chili?!  Then be sure to visit Cold Spring, MN this weekend for the 4th annual Soup & Chili Bowl!  You can taste a variety of soup and chili made by area residents and restaurants!  But get there early as the tasty samples are only available while they last!

The Soup & Chili bowl is held at the Cold Spring Brewing Company Distribution Center and there will be live music and other food available as well.  It is a fun evening for all!

Visit for more info, and don’t forget to bring your food shelf item.  Admission is free but you will need to buy tickets to purchase the food and drinks.

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It’s all about the ice!

Ice Crystals

In this northern climate, it is all about the ice!  Rain in January?!  Usually not a good thing!  Haven’t been out to check the roads yet, but at least we will “warm up” to over 32 degrees!!  More ice news?  My boys have hockey practice/games all day today and the Huskies beat the Gophers!!! 🙂

photo courtesy of

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Weekend happenings Jan 22-24th

As always, there are many fun activities to keep you busy when visiting our area! 

Fishing Widows:The Reel Story, was a huge hit last weekend at Pioneer Place on Fifth!  It is running again this weekend so be sure to check it out!

The weather is warmer so why not get out and enjoy it?!  Here is a link to info on area cross country ski trails:  The Wildwood Trail is near our inn as well as St. John’s University.  Take a drive or walk around St. John’s beautiful campus as well.

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