Awesome car!

OK, this is not totally B&B related, but on my journey to the Twin Cities yesterday, my minivan decided it has served me long enough.  Thankfully, it was kind enough to do so at the Albertville (outlet mall!) exit!  (actually, I did not shop, but rather headed to Caribou Coffee where I could get some work done!)

Our Plymouth Grand Voyager minivan was purchased 11 1/2 years ago, shortly before the birth of our first son.  It was already 2 years old then.  It now has over 220,000 miles on it.  The transmission had been replaced once, but it was the transmission that went again, among other things. 

Our van has been so reliable, we are looking for another of the same type.  Our good friend Chris is helping us with that process and we trust he will find us another awesome ride.  Ok, maybe not a sporty ride, but with kids in sports and long distance traveling, and the occasional trip to the antique stores, a mini van is the perfect choice for us!

There are still 2 rooms available this weekend, so come and enjoy our spring weather!

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