B&B’s for business travel…

This week we have had rooms filled with business travelers! 

Many business travelers choose us not necessarily because of our location, but because it is more of a “home-away-from-home” atmosphere, unlike the cookie-cutter hotel rooms with not much personality.  We are also there to show them we care about their well-being, and are able to offer good advice as to area restaurants and services they may need.

We offer free wireless internet throughout the house and a wireless printer has now been added.  We have a 24 hour hospitality room where guests have access to a water cooler that also dispenses hot water, a microwave, a mini refrigerator stocked with sodas, individual bags of ice in the freezer, cookies, a coffee maker, brochures on area businesses, as well as magazines for leisure reading.  Our rooms also have flat-screen TV’s with built in DVD players.

Of course, in most situations, our business travelers get a delicious hot breakfast served to them, and not from a buffet.  For those who have very very early morning meetings, we provide a filling continental breakfast and thanks to a suggestion from a recent guest, will offer “to-go” coffee cups!

We appreciate our business travelers and want to take good care of them.  Their suggestions help us to improve our services to them!

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